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Whole-home Re-piping & New Installation

Flamingo Plumbing & Septic can handle a whole-home plumbing project.

In our area, we have thousands of very old homes.  Sometimes the most cost-efficient thing to do is to re-pipe the entire house, or office.  Flamingo Plumbing & Septic can handle a whole-home plumbing project.  

Recurring leaking pipes in your home or office indicate potentially serious problems with your plumbing system. When the pipes in your walls, floors, or ceilings are leaking, it’s time to call Flamingo Plumbing & Septic for a thorough inspection. No one likes to hear that their home or business needs re-piping, but it happens. Flamingo can help the process get handled quickly and completely. 

Call Flamingo today at 904-647-5466 to address any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your home or office’s continuous water leaks and potential re-pipe project.

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